Stone Chip Repairs

A chip can crack at any time, often when you least expect it.
Get your stone chips repaired before they spread.

Why repair a stone chip?

  • Stop damage from spreading
  • Restore structural integrity to damaged glass
  • Improve clarity by 80% or more in damaged area
  • Environmentally friendly…extends life of the glass
  • Less expensive than windshield replacement

The Windshield Wizard difference

  • We can repair most stone chips and cracks up to 8" long.
  • Most repairs take about 15 minutes
  • No appointment necessary
  • All repairs backed up with a lifetime warranty against further spreading
  • Trained and experienced staff

Hassle-free insurance claims

  • Stone chip repairs are FREE (deductible waived) with most insurance package policies (look for "Road Hazard Glass" coverage)
  • Simply bring a copy of your insurance for instant processing at time of appointment; no need to deal with your insurer
  • Fleet and corporate accounts welcome
  • We are SGI accredited